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The dad shoe trend is here to stay Cheap Nike Free , at least according to Olivia Culpo.The 2012 Miss Universe took a road trip to Coachella in the California desert clad in the style that popularized the trend: Balenciaga's Triple S.Culpo shared a shot to Instagram yesterday of herself leaning against a car, wearing a red cropped quarter-zip with matching bike shorts and a white fanny pack./p/BwLkGnVAJcT/On her feet were a white pair of Triple S kicks, which retail for $895. The shoes feature a rounded toe, a textured rubber sole and two-tone laces. They have an elevated 2.75-inch midsole, with a leather, suede and mesh vamp.The 26-year-old model accessorized with a series of bracelets and oversized hoop earrings, pulling her brunette locks back into a relaxed half-up, half-down style."Girlz N The Hood @revolve #revolvefestival," Culpo captioned her Instagram post , which racked up over 104,000 likes.With 3.8 million followers on the photo-sharing platform alone, the Rhode Island native is a true influencer. She's parlayed her star power into fashion deals, most recently debuting a collection of apparel and accessories with Express in January. The "I Feel Pretty" actress received goodies from Revolve and Louis Vuitton (clothing and a handbag, respectively) after arriving in the desert. Click through the gallery to see more celebrities in Triple S sneakers, including Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid and Tracee Ellis Ross.Watch the video below to see Hailey Baldwin talk about her street style.Want more?Olivia Culpo Hits the Town in Edgy Crop Top With Studded Black BootiesOlivia Culpo Hits Miami in Crop Top, Cargo Pants & Classic Nude PumpsOlivia Culpo Shows Off the Shortest Dress With These Stylist-Loved Sandals Trends are ever-evolving.The shoe styles that were most common at the beginning of this decade have already died down in popularity — and some of them might even cause you to cringe. Of course, some of today's most popular shoe styles have their roots in fads of years' past — take the retro runner — so it stands to reason that some of these just might make a comeback one day.Below , take a look at some of the decade's most defining trends."Dad" ShoesBalenciaga's Triple S sneaker kicked off the "dad" shoe trend in 2017, and it's been a defining style for the past few seasons. FN's 2018 Shoe of the Year was the Fila Disruptor 2, an affordable (under $100) take on the look. While it's uncertain whether the look will stand the test of time, there's no doubting that it's still going strong.Wedge SneakersCirca 2012, it seemed as though everybody owned a pair of wedge sneakers. Isabel Marant's version was perhaps the most popular, but other designers and fast-fashion brands came out with their own renditions as well. Some say the style could make a return to the forefront soon, replacing the "dad" shoe.White SneakersClassic, white sneakers have always been a go-to, but they really soared this decade. Adidas' Stan Smith and Superstar silhouettes revived in popularity among a millennial and Gen-Z set Cheap Yeezy , leading a major boom for Adidas. Given that white shoes go with just about everything, the trend seems likely to have some sticking power.Platform PumpsWhile red carpet go-tos today include strappy sandals and pointed pumps, platform heels were a must-have at the beginning of the decade. Paired with a form-fitting Hervé Léger bandage dress, platform pumps were seemingly worn by every "It" girl, from Blake Lively to Kim Kardashian.Logomania ShoesWhether coming on a sneaker, a boot or sandal, logomania was a defining trend of the decade. Logomania appeared mid-decade on apparel and accessories of all kinds, with somewhat of a '90s nostalgia flair combined with a very '10s streetwear aesthetic. Fendi, Gucci and other high-end shoe brands made use of their well-known monograms with footwear.Gladiator SandalsWhile the neoclassical sandal never really goes out of style Cheap Yeezy From China , it saw more popularity this decade than in the last few. Bold knee-high and thigh-high versions of the shoes gained in popularity, both on the runway and in real life. And like clockwork, the shoes get plucked out of closets when temperatures rise each summer.Pointy-Toed PumpsIn the aughts, the standard pump had a rounded toe and a mid-heel. That went out the window this decade, replaced by sleek pointy-toed pumps. Appearing on the red carpet and in the workplace, shoes like Manolo Blahnik's BB and Christian Louboutin's So Kate became well-known adherents to this ongoing trend.Suede Ankle BootsSuede ankle boots are not new this decade, but they've certainly been a staple for the past few years, popping up in various iterations for both fall and spring. While certain colorways and silhouettes seem to never go out of style — take a black suede bootie with a pointed silhouette and stiletto heel — fresh takes have also come about. For instance, Western booties were everywhere for fall '18 Cheap Yeezy 350 , many of them made of suede.Cut-Out HeelsThis style is meant to show off the foot, with sensual patterns throughout the vamp drawing the viewer's eye downward. Oftentimes, cut-outs are used to turn boots or close-toed pumps into transitional footwear. Cut-outs have taken different forms over the years, from foot-flattering PVC detailing to trendy laser cuts.Wedge SandalsWedge sandals were big in the '90s and early '00s, and then they disappeared for a while. But the summery shoes are in for spring '19 — meaning you're about to see them everywhere again. New silhouettes are sleeker than those that were popular last millennium, while providing the same walkability stilettos lack.Below, watch dads sound off on the "dad" shoe trend.Want more?10 Ways to Wear Fall 2019’s Top Shoe Trends NowCelebrities Love These 7 Affordable Boot TrendsThese Will Be the Top Trends of 2019, According to Pinterest
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As I reflect on the things I’m grateful for on this Thanksgiving Day Wes Horton Color Rush Jersey , being a fan of the Carolina Panthers definitely makes my list. I grew up in West Valley City, Utah in the 1980’s as an avid sports fan who played the basketball-baseball-football annual cycle. I loved playing football, first as a running back and middle linebacker through elementary school, then to wide receiver and safety in junior high as my friends mutated through puberty earlier than I did. Living in Utah meant I had no hometown NFL team. I jumped on the Los Angeles Raiders bandwagon as a kid because of guys like Marcus Allen, Lyle Alzado Stephen Curry Jersey , Todd Christensen, and Howie Long, but none of my friends were Raiders fans so I had nobody to commiserate with on Mondays. There were small pockets of Denver Broncos fans due to geography and smatterings of San Francisco 49ers fans in the 1990’s because of Steve Young’s ties to Utah. Ultimately, I felt like an NFL nomad, a kid who was passionate about the Raiders and the NFL in general Shaq Thompson Color Rush Jersey , but few people reciprocated my level of interest in professional football. This continued into my twenties until my wife and I moved to Greensboro, North Carolina for work in 2003. I immediately jumped on the Panthers bandwagon and fully embraced my new hometown team. The Cardiac Cats reciprocated that season with their exhilarating run to the Super Bowl. After my experience growing up without a local NFL team, I’m thankful to have the Carolina Panthers in my own backyard. The community of Panthers fans who passionately follow our team makes my life more enjoyable as we revel in the wins and bellyache together about the losses. Being a Panthers fan surrounded by other Panthers fans adds happiness and community in my life. There are many states and cities that don’t have what we have here. And not only do we have a football team to call our own, we have a consistently good football team to root for! Since I arrived in 2003 the Panthers have gone 136-113-1 (.546) which ranks them No. 12 in wins over that period of time. To get even more recent, the Panthers 57 regular season wins between 2013 and 2018 ranks fifth in the NFL Kawann Short Jersey , trailing only the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Seattle Seahawks.When it comes to the postseason, since 2003 the Panthers have made the playoffs in seven of 15 seasons Vernon Butler Color Rush Jersey , including four of the last five years. Their eight playoff wins ranks No. 8 in the NFL since 2003 and they’ve reached the Super Bowl twice. The vast majority of NFL fans would trade their franchise’s recent track records for the Panthers in a heartbeat. Not only are the Panthers a winning team, we as fans are fortunate to have incredibly fun players to watch. Cam Newton has a dominant mix of passing and running that has never before been seen in the NFL. Luke Kuechly will go down as one of the best linebackers in NFL history, health permitting. Thomas Davis has been an inspiration for the last 14 years. Julius Peppers has returned home. Greg Olsen is one of the most productive receiving tight ends the league has ever seen. Christian McCaffrey is absolutely electric with the ball in his hands and D.J. Moore might become Steve Smith 2.0. This isn’t to say everything’s perfect about being a Panthers fan. We seem to be blowing the 2018 season after a promising 6-2 start. While our team is capable enough to consistently compete, we’re just not quite good enough to consistently contend. The circumstances leading up to Jerry Richardson’s sale of the franchise will hang over the team’s reputation for years to come as well. That said, I can’t imagine my life without the Panthers at this point. Despite the last two ugly losses Cam Newton Color Rush Jersey , the Carolina Panthers make my life so much more enjoyable. I know what it’s like to not have a hometown NFL team. I’m thankful I have one now. And I’m grateful it’s the Carolina Panthers. Football fans in Philadelphia were unhappy yesterday, and not just because the Eagles lost.In the early afternoon window, the local FOX affiliate showed the Panthers-Giants game. That turned out to be a great game that the Panthers won on a last-second 63-yard field goal. But the viewers in Philadelphia didn’t get to see it.Instead, FOX cut off the end of the game to show two minutes of commercials, followed by the introduction to the Eagles-Vikings game. Here’s a video of exactly what Philadelphia fans saw.“At the end of every game window there’s a 2 minute local break. Because it’s local it’s not really our time to manipulate Michael Palardy Jersey ,” FOX Sports told in a statement. “We pulled out at the last possible moment to get that break in and still make it to kickoff of the Eagles game.”In other words, FOX says the NFL’s rules about local affiliates televising every second of the local teams’ games required them to do what they did. But if that’s the case, the NFL’s rules need to change. The reality is, televising football isn’t like televising pre-taped scripted entertainment. Things change on the fly. Sometimes games go into overtime — and extra commercials are shown. Sometimes games run long and the programming scheduled to air afterward has to start later. The NFL should work with the networks to provide more flexibility so that a game in its final seconds, like Panthers-Giants was , doesn’t get taken off the air. If the NFL and its partners can show additional commercials when a game goes into overtime, it can figure out a way to miss a commercial to allow fans to see the ending of a great game. Or show the commercials in a split screen with the ending of the game — which would probably benefit the advertisers because viewers won’t channel surf if there’s an exciting ending of a game on at the same time as the commercial.And if the NFL is going to mandate cutting away from a game in progress, how about giving viewers a warning on the screen a few seconds beforehand? That would give them time to look for another way to see the ending, such as turning the TV to Red Zone Channel.There’s no better time to sit at home and watch TV than Sunday afternoons during football season. But there are simple steps the NFL could take to make the experience even better. And one of those steps is allowing fans to finish watching close games.
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Now that the Super Bowl has been decided Josh Allen Jersey , it means the offseason talk is going to ramp up quickly for teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars. They’ve filled out their coaching staff, which included the hiring of offensive coordinator John DeFilippo. We can now start looking at the roster and trying to figure out what the team is going to have in 2019 and what they could be adding and what positions they’ll want to be adding to.You can read about the Jaguars salary cap situation right here for now, until the official numbers are released, that’s the best we’ll get.Next up, we will look at the running back position.Players under contract in 2019:Leonard Fournette: Fournette’s career with the Jaguars since being the fourth overall pick has left a lot to be desired. He had an okay season his rookie year, propped up by his ability to punch it in the endzone and the team’s overall success, but his yards per carry number is abysmal even with facing so many stacked boxes. This isn’t even mentioning is his issues off the field which has led to his guarantees being voided and a pair of “suspensions” leading some to think he could be dumped for the right offer. For now, we’ll assume he’s back.Carlos Hyde: A day late and a dollar short. Hyde was a mid-season pickup for the Jaguars while Fournette was out with a hamstring injury, but it was late in the trade window and Hyde never seemed to get himself going. He’d have a nice run here or there, but overall seemed like punting a fifth-round pick.Thomas Rawls: Just recently signed as a street free agent, I’d expect Rawls to be on the roster unless he gets hurt or is just flat out awful. The Jaguars gambled keeping only three running backs last season and I don’t think they’ll do that again.David Williams: Williams was signed off the Denver Broncos practice squad mid-season during the Fournette injury situation but didn’t get a lot of game action. He did look solid in his few carries he got in the season, so I’m actually really interested in seeing him going forward in training camp and preseason.Potential cap cuts:Carlos Hyde: Even though the Jaguars used a 2019 fifth-round pick to acquire Hyde, I have a feeling they’re going to just go ahead and chalk it up as a sunk cost and release him this offseason. The team saves $4.7 million by releasing him.Potential free agent options:Corey Grant: The Jaguars used a decent designation on Grant when he was an RFA last offseason, but after coming off a season ending foot injury and being a UFA Tanner Lee Color Rush Jersey , I wouldn’t be shocked to see Grant re-signed on a one-year deal.Mark Ingram: If the Jaguars decided to move on from Fournette and ended up trading him, Ingram would be an excellent free agent addition. Latavius Murray: The Jaguars had interest in him previously, but he opted to go to the Minnesota Vikings. I don’t know how expensive he’d be, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Jaguars try again and go all in on running the ball, especially if they pick a rookie QB in round 1.Kareem Hunt: It’s the elephant in the room, but it has to be mentioned. There are already reports multiple teams are interested in signing Hunt and he will play in the NFL again, likely for very cheap.Ameer Abdullah: If the Jaguars are looking to replace the style of back TJ Yeldon was, Abdullah would seem like a great fit.Alfred Blue: Similar to Murray, he fits the Jaguars style.Ty Montgomery: Similar to Abdullah, a Yeldon-like replacement. The Jacksonville Jaguars return home for the first time in almost a month to take on the Pittsburgh Steelers (6-2-1) at TIAA Bank Field at 1:00pm EST.With the game being flexed from its original Sunday Night Football prime time slot, anyone not going to the game will have Romo and Nantz on the CBS call. UNIFORM WATCH: Debut of the best uniform from all the new thread combinations. OpponentThe Steelers are red hot coming into Duval County on a five game win streak, most recently dismantling a very good Carolina Panthers team on Thursday Night Football in Pittsburgh. This means that Mike Tomlin and his coaching staff had two extra days to help prepare for this game against their kryptonite Jaguars while Doug Marrone and his crew were supposedly cramming for the Colts on Friday and Saturday. Last year, the Jaguars defense forced a handful of Big Ben turnovers in the regular season and then the Steelers got caught looking ahead to the Patriots in the playoffs. Notice all has been quiet from Pittsburgh on the bulletin board material front this week... Offensively for the Steelers, it’s been no Le’Veon Jaelen Strong Jersey , no problem this season. Second-year running back James Conner is third in the NFL with 771 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns, and the Steelers offense has statistically been even more efficient without Bell in the lineup, especially in the red zone. Ben Roethlisberger is playing at an MVP level and is coming off a career performance last week where he had a perfect 158.3 quarterback rating and five touchdowns against a good Panthers defense. The biggest difference for the Steelers this year has been the quality of new offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner, who replaced Todd Haley in the offseason. Fichtner has placed more of an emphasis on spreading the football around to different receivers outside of Antonio Brown and using a ton of tight ends Vance McDonald and Jesse James, which is bad news for the Jaguars if you saw last week’s game. Juju Smith-Schuster is technically the No. 2 wide receiver, but he leads the NFL in production out of the slot this season and will routinely line up inside to exploit mismatches. Defensively, the Steelers have mixed it up as the season has gone on, and the moves seem to have paid dividends. T.J. Watt and Bud Dupree have flip-flopped sides and Watt now rushes from the left outside linebacker spot and Dupree from the right in their 3-4 defense, combining for 12.5 sacks on the season. The Steelers have also moved second year player Sean Davis to the strong safety position vacated by the infamous Mike Mitchell and they’ve gone with a rotation of rookie first round pick Terrell Edmunds and veteran Morgan Burnett at the free safety spot. The Steelers also benched former first round pick Artie Burns at right cornerback and replaced him Coty Sensabaugh, and the pass defense has improved since making the move and (former Jaguar) Mike Hilton continues to be one of the best nickel cornerbacks in the NFL. Inside linebacker and team leader Vince Williams is having a good season, but the spot next to him currently played by Jon Bostic is in need of a desperate upgrade in the offseason. The Steelers are vulnerable in their secondary and the Jaguars should try to run right at Bostic when rushing the football on Sunday.Check out Ryan O’Bleness’ cross-over piece with Jeff Hartman of Behind the Steel Curtain for more information about the opponent.StorylinesOf course, the major storyline for the Steelers all season has been the status of Le’Veon Bell, who finally did not report to the Steelers before the deadline and will not be eligible to play for the remainder of the 2018 season. For Bell’s teammates, this seems to be some necessary closure as they can now focus on the players they have as they look to make a playoff run.For the Jaguars , the major storyline has been the five game losing streak and what they need to do to get out of their funk. Defensively, they had more busted coverages than a high school team and Jalen Ramsey today refuted the allegations that he was playing his own rogue coverages despite Doug Marrone publicly blaming him for a couple of the busts earlier this week. If the communication issues in the secondary don’t improve this week with A.J. Bouye (hopefully) back in the line up, expect Todd Wash’s seat to get awfully toasty. Whether Wash is making the wrong calls, the players are unprepared or miscommunicating before the snap, or players are just straight up disrespecting him and doing whatever they want, it’s all a bad look for him.Offensively, Nathaniel Hackett’s play calling has been much more balanced since Leonard Fournette’s return to the line up, and that has elevated the production of the passing game. Despite eclipsing 100 scrimmage yards and finding the end zone twice, Fournette looked hesitant and, quite frankly, pretty slow running the football for a miserable 2.2 yards per carry. Fournette registered the fastest timed speed in the NFL last year against the Steelers — can he do it again on Sunday and prove to everyone that his first game back was a byproduct of rust? I sure hope so.Key matchupsJalen Ramsey vs. Antonio BrownThis is a big week for Ramsey, who found himself in hot water from not only his coaches, but the fans as well with his cryptic tweet. Ramsey has not played up to the exceedingly high expectations that 2.0 set for himself before the season, and he gets to face off against a top-three receiver in the NFL this week. Brown is one of the few NFL receivers who Ramsey has a ton of respect for Donte Moncrief Color Rush Jersey , and historically, Brown has put up some pretty good production against the Jaguars despite losing efforts. With Bouye hampered by a calf injury, expect Ramsey to follow Brown around the field.A.J. Bouye/D.J. Hayden vs. Juju Smith-SchusterWhile Ramsey will be responsible for Brown, the Jaguars have a litany of other issues to worry about with all the weapons that the Steelers have surrounded Big Ben with. One of those weapons is Juju Smith-Schuster, who as mentioned above, leads the league in production out of the slot. My initial thought is that Bouye sticks with Smith-Schuster when he’s lined up on the perimeter and Hayden will pick up the slack when Juju moves inside. Don’t be surprised if Smith-Schuster leads all Steelers receivers in targets on Sunday. Leonard Fournette vs. Vince WilliamsThe bummer of the week is that we won’t get another Leonard Fournette moment against Mike Mitchell, but there’s another vocal Steelers player that could make Leonard’s life difficult. Williams has dialed up his play over the last few weeks and it would be wise of the Jaguars to scheme their runs away from him this week. With Cameron Heyward and Stephon Tuitt lined up across from Andrew Norwell and A.J. Cann, expect another long day at the office for Fournette.Ereck Flowers vs. Bud DupreeEreck Flowers was kind of, sort of, maybe good last week? He’s dealing with tendinitis in his knee, but should be a big upgrade over the injured band aid Josh Walker who has struggled playing out of position since Josh Wells went down with a groin injury. I wrote in this week’s piece that this could be a big audition for Flowers to potentially be the Jaguars’ swing tackle in 2019. This is either going to go really well or really poorly, but either way, buckle up.Yannick Ngakoue vs. Alejandro VillanuevaNgakoue has not had the sacks and fumbles that we are accustomed to seeing, but did you know that the Jaguars actually lead the league in pressures? Ngakoue has a lot to do with that Calais Campbell Jersey , and it feels like he’s just getting there a half second too late. Life doesn’t get much easier for Yannick this week against Alejandro Villanueva, who is having a terrific season for the Steelers as a pass blocker. As big as Roethlisberger is, I’m not anticipating Ngakoue to show up on the sack sheet (Ben has only been sacked 12 times this year), but his pressure will hopefully affect Ben and cause some rushed throws into double coverage or maybe even one of those world-famous strip fumbles. Myles Jack/Telvin Smith vs. James ConnerThe Steelers know that Ben traditionally struggles with the Jaguars defense, so expect a heavy does of James Conner this week. The Jaguars linebackers have played poorly over the past few games with Myles losing track of his run fits and Telvin getting beat in coverage, so this could be a good day to start Conner if you have him in fantasy. Final predictionCtrl+C, Ctrl+V. Copy, paste. If the Jaguars can get an early lead and maintain possession by running the football and keep the ball out of Roethlisberger’s hands, they have a chance. If the Steelers get off to an early lead and force Blake Bortles to start throwing it all over the yard, forget it. Considering how the Jaguars defense played last week against a Colts team with limited threats at wide receiver, why should anyone be confident that they will be able to blanket the Steelers’ weapons? The problem with how this team is constructed (run the ball, play defense, kill clock) in the modern passing area of football is that the margin for error is so small. I think the Steelers win 42-24.
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Report: Cowboys not interested in trading for wide receiver help “at this time” When word broke out that the Oakland Raiders were considering shopping wide receiver Amari Cooper Jeff Heath Jersey , plenty of Dallas Cowboys fans had their ears perk. Cooper is a former first-round pick that hasn’t experienced the same levels of success from last season to now that he did during his first two years in the league, but the case can be made that he could help the Cowboys. In fact, many have made it.There are other options to help the Cowboys at wide receiver, of course. Suggestions like Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos have been lobbed out Tyrone Crawford Color Rush Jersey , but the thing about these wide receivers on other teams is that they are in fact on other teams.Dallas would have to make a trade in order to acquire the services of somebody else’s player and that just isn’t what they’ve done in recent history. Many have continued to hold out hope that maybe this would be the season where they deviate, but it seems it’s time to let even those small hopes go. ESPN’s Josina Anderson has reported the Cowboys aren’t interested in trading for a receiver at the moment.Dallas is down a bit when it comes to their wide receiver numbers. Tavon Austin isn’t expected to play in Washington and is dealing with injury, and Terrance Williams was just kicked while he was down in the form of being suspended while on injured reserve. This leaves Cole Beasley, Michael Gallup , Allen Hurns, Deonte Thompson, and Brice Butler as the options for the Cowboys at wide receiver. Is that enough? It seems they think so. David Akers is probably still telling people all about how he helped the Philadelphia Eagles take Dallas Goedert away from the Cowboys during the draft a few months back (a fable and not the truth), but he might have to tell a different story now regarding Amari Cooper.The Dallas Cowboys got a new number one receiver on Monday when they traded their 2019 first-round pick for the former Oakland Raider. Cowboys fans are definitely interested in what Amari can bring Randy Gregory Jersey , but they’re obviously troubled by the team paying such a high price.It wasn’t only the Cowboys that were prepared to pay something sizable for Cooper though, at least according to NFL Media’s Mike Silver. The Philadelphia Eagles offered a second-round pick and were outbid by their division rivals.It would have been interesting to see Cooper work with Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery inside of Doug Pederson’s offense, but the Cowboys were willing to pay more so they got their guy. If Cooper works out in Dallas this story will be one we re-tell for years to come.How do you feel knowing that Philly was also highly interested in Cooper?
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With their division clinching win against the Green Bay Packers behind them Bobby Massie Jersey , the Chicago Bears have now won two high profile games in back to back weeks. After beating the Rams on Sunday Night Football a couple weeks ago, the Bears didn’t make much of an ascension up the NFL Power Rankings, but now that they’re NFC North Champs let’s see how they look this week. We’ll start off with the Mothership, SB Nation, and OH MY GOD THEY MOVED THE BEARS UP!Actually, SB Nation has been pretty fair in their assessment of the Bears for most of the 2018 season. The national pundits of ESPN moved the Bears up a whopping one place, to 5th, after their win. They then went through the 32 teams and gave the biggest breakthrough for each.Check out how high the USA Today has the Bears.Usually when I see the words “high” and “USA Today” in the same sentence it has a different meaning. Here’s how Yahoo Sports has it this week. I’ll even link back to their article praising the Bears. CBS Sports has the Bears up 1 spot to 5th overall ,My Google search led me to Althon Sports this week. Here’s how the Sporting News has it. The Chicago Tribune has the Bears holding steady. What are your thoughts this week? By now you’ve already read our special, and massive, playoff edition of Five Ten Questions With Bleeding Green Nation, to get us the inside scoop on the Philadelphia Eagles before they travel to the Windy City for a Wildcard match-up against the NFC North Champion Chicago Bears. BGN Editor In Chief, Brandon Lee Gowton, did such a fantastic job answering all ten questions from us, that I had to bug him again and get his take on the three ways he thinks the Bears can knock off his Eagles. To be fair, I also gave him three ways I think the Eagles could win on Sunday Jordan Howard Color Rush Jersey , but mine we’re all a lie...Here’s my version of this exercise, and to see the three reasons that Brandon has for the Bears winning the game on Sunday, read on.Bad Nick Foles shows upIt may sound like I’m making this up, but Nick Foles is actually capable of having bad games. Look no further than the 50.7 passer rating performance he had back in Week 1. The reality is that Foles can be a streaky player. When he’s hot, almost no one is hotter. He’s getting the ball out quick and delivering accurate passes all over the field. When he’s cold, he can look absolutely awful out there. He’s leaving easy throws on the field and making some awful decisions, like his interception from last week’s game.Foles has been playing very well for the Eagles recently. Over the last three weeks, he ranks first in passing yards Eddie Jackson Jersey , completion percentage, yards per attempt, and net yards per pass play. But he also accumulated those stats before he had to leave Week 17’s game early with bruised ribs. If the Bears are able to hit him often, an injured Foles might resemble a standard backup quarterback more than a reigning Super Bowl MVP. Red zone defense faltersThe Eagles defense has been playing better as of late but it’s not an absolute shutdown unit. Jim Schwartz’s unit ranks just 23rd in opponent yards per play. The Eagles are typically going to allow teams to move the ball on them. But while they might bend, they usually don’t break. Philadelphia has the league’s No. 1 red zone defense. Opponents are converting touchdowns on just 44.64% of their red zone visits. The Eagles’ strength in this area will be put to the test by Bears offense that ranks fifth in red zone offense.It’s going to be difficult for the Eagles to keep up with the Bears if they’re scoring a lot of points. Philadelphia probably isn’t going to be able to score a ton against Chicago’s defense. Failing to get stops in the red zone also means fewer opportunities for missed kicks by Cody Parkey, which could be big for the Eagles. Bears have home field advantageThe Bears are 7-1 at home this season with their one loss coming to the Patriots. And the Bears were just one yard short of sending that game into overtime.The Eagles, meanwhile, are 3-4 in true road games this season (Jaguars matchup was in London). Two of those three road wins have come in the last three weeks , yes, but the Eagles had a lot of fans in Los Angeles and Washington. Eagles fans always travel well but I can’t just expect them to have such a dominating presence at Soldier Field.Another thing to consider is that the Eagles didn’t have to play on the road in the playoffs last year. Foles has never played a road playoff game. So when we’re talking about comparisons between the 2017 and 2018 squads, that’s a key difference. This will be a new experience for them.Thanks Brandon, we all hope you’re right about these!p.s. Do you guys think I should tell him that the Bears have a Khalil Mack?
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Chicago Cubs (24-14 Best Cheap MLB Jerseys , first in the NL Central) vs. Cincinnati Reds (18-23, fifth in the NL Central)Cincinnati; Tuesday, 6 p.m. EDTPITCHING PROBABLES: Cubs: Kyle Hendricks (2-4, 3.19 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, 34 strikeouts) Reds: Tanner Roark (2-1, 3.27 ERA, 1.40 WHIP, 37 strikeouts)LINE: Cubs favored by 1 1/2 runs; over/under is 9 runsBOTTOM LINE: Chicago hits the road to begin a three game series against Cincinnati.The Reds are 3-11 against opponents from the NL Central. The Cincinnati offense has compiled a .216 batting average as a team this season, last in the MLB. Jose Iglesias leads the team with a mark of .288.The Cubs are 9-8 in road games. Chicago has slugged .449 , good for third in the majors. Javier Baez leads the club with a .627 slugging percentage, including 26 extra-base hits and 11 home runs. This is the first meeting of the season for these two teams.TOP PERFORMERS: Eugenio Suarez leads the Reds with 12 home runs and has 26 RBIs. Derek Dietrich is 7-for-23 with five home runs and 11 RBIs over the last 10 games for Cincinnati.Baez leads the Cubs with 11 home runs and is batting .323. Kris Bryant is 12-for-34 with a double, a triple, five home runs and 12 RBIs over the last 10 games for Chicago.LAST 10 GAMES: Reds: 5-5, .241 batting average, 3.77 ERA, outscored opponents by 20 runsCubs: 8-2, .239 batting average, 2.30 ERA, outscored opponents by 16 runsReds Injuries: Alex Wood: 10-day IL (back) MLB Jerseys Wholesale , Scooter Gennett: 60-day IL (groin), Alex Blandino: 10-day IL (knee).Cubs Injuries: Allen Webster: 10-day IL (nerve inflammation), Pedro Strop: 10-day IL (hamstring), Brandon Morrow: 60-day IL (elbow), Kendall Graveman: 60-day IL (elbow), Tony Barnette: 60-day IL (shoulder), Anthony Rizzo: day-to-day (back tightness), Victor Caratini: 10-day IL (hand). ATLANTA (AP) — It was difficult for Jack Flaherty to enjoy a runaway win over Atlanta because he couldn’t avoid one bad inning.Flaherty didn’t have to worry. His St. Louis teammates roughed up Braves pitching all night.St. Louis hit four home runs, including three-run shots by Marcell Ozuna , Yadier Molina and Kolten Wong nba jerseys cheap , and the Cardinals beat struggling right-hander Mike Foltynewicz and the Braves 14-3 on Tuesday.Flaherty (4-3) did not allow a hit through four innings. St. Louis led 11-0 before Flaherty gave up three runs and three hits in the fifth.“Another long inning,” Flaherty said, adding “I’ve got to stay away from that.”Cardinals manager Mike Schildt allowed Flaherty to remain in the game and finish strong with a perfect sixth inning.“I was able to get through it,” Flaherty said.The 2019 struggles for Foltynewicz (0-3) continued. He gave up eight runs, matching his career high, while lasting only 4 2/3 innings.Foltynewicz, a 2018 All-Star, saw his ERA climb to 8.02 in four starts. He began the season on the injured list with a bone spur in his right elbow. He insists his elbow is fine.“It’s really frustrating,” Foltynewicz said. “It’s nothing with the elbow or anything. We’re past that.”Foltynewicz has allowed eight homers in 21 1/3 innings after allowing 17 in 183 innings in 2018, when he was 13-10 with a 2.85 ERA and 202 strikeouts.Braves manager Brian Snitker said before the game he hoped Foltynewicz would be ready to find his top form after the late start to his season. Instead cheap nba jerseys , the right-hander struggled from the first inning.“Kind of everything is flat and not coming out real good,” Snitker said. “He paid for it.”Ozuna’s homer gave the Cardinals a 3-0 lead in the first. Dexter Fowler led off the fourth with a homer to right, and Molina’s shot knocked Foltynewicz out of the game and was the big hit in a six-run fifth.Wong added to the lead with his three-run homer off Jonny Venters in the ninth.Atlanta’s first hit off Flaherty in the fifth was Brian McCann’s broken-bat dribbler against the defensive shift toward an abandoned third base. McCann scored on pinch-hitter Charlie Culberson’s single to left. Ronald Acuña Jr. drew a bases-loaded walk off Flaherty to force in a run.The Cardinals were shut out in each of Flaherty’s last two starts. Bolstered by the big offensive support against the Braves, Flaherty allowed three runs on three hits in six innings despite matching his career high with five walks. He had six strikeouts.St. Louis outhit the Braves 14-3. Every Cardinals starter, including Flaherty, had at least one hit.TRAINER’S ROOMCardinals: RHP Carlos Martinez (shoulder) is scheduled to throw 30 pitches for Double-A Springfield on Wednesday. If all goes well, he could join the team this weekend in Texas.Braves: CF Ender Inciarte left the game with lower back tightness before the fourth inning and was being examined after the game. … 1B Freddie Freeman started after missing Sunday’s game with an illness and having Monday’s off day for extra recovery time. Freeman was still sick, according to Snitker, who pulled the first baseman in favor of pinch-hitter Matt Joyce in the fifth.HOME IN THE SOUTHThe Cardinals improved to 6-1 at SunTrust Park, which opened in 2017. They are 9-1 in their last 10 games in Atlanta since the start of the 2016 season.BIDDLE RETURNSAtlanta left-hander Jesse Biddle cheap jerseys , activated off the injured list before the game, replaced Foltynewicz in the fifth and gave up four straight hits and a walk. He was charged with three runs while recording one out.ROSTER MOVESAtlanta right-hander Wes Parsons, who was recalled from Triple-A Gwinnett, pitched three scoreless innings. Left-hander Jerry Blevins was designated for assignment.UP NEXTCardinals: RHP Michael Wacha (3-0, 5.35) is 0-2 in five career games, including three starts, against the Braves entering Wednesday night’s game. He allowed two runs in a no-decision in his only previous start at SunTrust Park in May 7, 2017.Braves: RHP Mike Soroka (3-1, 1.21) has allowed only four earned runs in five starts this season entering his first career start against St. Louis.
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Fashion is all about looking ahead to the next season's trends Cheap Adidas NMD Womens , but who says you can't get a leg up by wearing them now?In fact, many looks from the fall '19 runway shows can easily be worn this spring. The key to pulling them off simply lies in a little finessing.Of course, you'll probably want to wait to add thigh-high boots to your wardrobe until temperatures cool down; however, retailers are already highlighting coveted prints and hues — we're talking snakeskin and vibrant purples — in a range of spring-ready silhouettes.Read on for our top styling tips as well as a range of shoes that adopt fall '19's hottest trends.1. Opt for Allover PurplePantone's Color of the Year for 2018 is making a comeback in everything from apparel to footwear. We like the purple hue done in a square-toe sandal, which is also a hot silhouette for spring.2. Try a PlatformPlatforms inspired by the '90s abounded in both serious and more playful iterations by designers like Alexa Chung and Tommy Hilfiger. Instead of a boot style, which will be huge come fall, try the look in a chic open-toed espadrille to keep feet cool.3. Pick PlaidDesigners at Christian Dior, Marine Serre and Aquazzura revived the quintessentially autumnal print in bold reds, yellows, as well as black and whites. While plaid is traditionally a cold-weather staple, it's particularly spring-ready when done in elegant pastels — like on the block-heel pumps below.4. Opt for Animal PrintsSnakeskin debuted as a major trend last fall and will continue into the upcoming cold-weather season on everything from thigh-highs to booties. Rock the sexy finish now with a strappy block-heel sandal featuring the print, which will add eye-catching flair to both sundresses and jeans-and-tee combos.5. Reach for Rich Brown LeathersNo longer considered a dull or outdated hue, brown was used head-to-toe in monochromatic ensembles featuring rich materials like wool, cashmere and leather. Thigh-high boots in the color proved key, but you can also nail the look now with a pointed-toe mule that offers considerably less coverage.6. Be Bold With Statement FootwearFall 2019 will also see bold apparel and footwear silhouettes all worn in one look. This spring, pair buckled lace-up flats with a tiered floral frock for a standout look. Come fall, throw on an embellished leather jacket and tights for added warmth.7. Stick to StudsFollowing this edgy ethos, designers at Balmain and Gucci weren't afraid take studs to bold new heights. When it came to footwear, the protective embellishments appeared throughout cozy hiker and motocross-boot styles. For those willing to dip their toes into the trend now, a slip-on mule featuring the hardware is a great choice. Bonus: The transitional silhouette will also work for the first few weeks of fall before temperatures start to drop.8. Try Tie DyeCollina Strada showcased the psychedelic print in everything from tees to hoodies Cheap Adidas Ultraboost kids , while Virgil Abloh harnessed it in footwear in the form of booties. While the colorful design is set to make it big this fall, its bright hues make it a perfect warm-weather complement. Try it in a retro cap-toe sandal, which is especially on-trend given the return of the "ugly sandal" aesthetic.9. Opt for Emerald GreenGive a summery look some depth by adding jewel tones below the ankle. As seen on fall '19 runways, a pair of pumps is especially eye-catching when done in a brilliant emerald green.10. Choose Metallic Mary JanesThe classic school girl style got a high-shine update, thanks to designers like Anna Sui, Michael Kors and Area. Of course, this look can work all year long — proving a great way to elevate your work wardrobe if your office is particularly fashion-forward.Allproducts featured have been independently selected and curated by our editorial team. If you buy something through the links included on our site, FN may earn a commission.Watch FN ask fathers for their thoughts on the dad shoe trend below.Want more?10 Height-Boosting Platform Heels Inspired By Fashion Week Trends to Buy Right NowThe Naked Sandal Will Be Trending for Spring, According to a Net-a-Porter BuyerSpring Must-Buys 2019: 11 Trendy Women's Sandals Ask any wealthy Chinese millennial what’s in their shoe closet, and chances are, they’ll mention Balenciaga, Off-White and Gucci. Then they’ll drop names like Keen, Simon Miller and Malone Souliers — all much smaller boutique players in the industry.The Asian luxury retail market has been undergoing a radical transformation in recent years, moving from name-based consumption to distinctiveness-driven shopping.Behind the shift is a new generation of consumers: They’re young, globally minded, digitally educated and interested in superior goods, though not as a symbol of wealth and status but as a signifier of taste and savviness. Within this new landscape, niche labels have become the latest, hippest buzzword.China is the largest case in point. The country, which has been steadily powering luxury spending for much of the past decade (despite the economic headwinds of recent years) has perhaps seen the most significant change in the market. Unlike the demographic that preceded them Cheap Adidas Continental 80 kids , Chinese millennials and Gen Zers are less loyal to traditional brands and increasingly more interested in exploring labels that will make them stand out, as reported by consultancy Bain & Co last year. To that end, indie styles and designers are getting most of their attention, especially for shoes and accessories.“There is a strong sense of self-expression among younger Chinese consumers,” said Sara Wong, director of merchandising at Hong Kong-based Pedder Group, the accessory and footwear specialist within the Lane Crawford Joyce Group. “The feedback we get the most is that they want something unique, exclusive, but without compromising on quality and craftsmanship.” High-end boutique labels meet all those requirements.Wong added, “Though house brands still represent a large percentage in the Chinese market. Our performance from the past two seasons shows that our customers are yearning for niche brands. ‘Uncommonness’ is the new luxury.”Which is why in January, the high-end retailer launched Studio, an online and offline showcase of emerging, contemporary and limited-edition shoe and accessory labels. Among the selection are Mercedes Castillo, By Far, Neous, Cult Gaia and Aeyde, to name a few. All of them are performing exceptionally well, according to the Pedder Group.“Their styles are very relevant, and their products are European-made, but at a very competitive price point.” Wong said. “They offer a high value proposition for customers.”Lee Folland Cheap Adidas NMD kids , research director at Reuter Communications, an Asia-based integrated communications agency helping luxury and premium brands connect with Chinese consumers, describes the resonance of niche shoe brands as a quest for a new kind of priceless exclusivity. “[Buying less obvious names] shows the wearer not only knows quality but has also access to pieces others don’t,” he said.Since its establishment in 2014, British brand Malone Souliers has come to encapsulate that desire for exclusivity. Known for standout stilettos and inventive twists on classic pumps, mules and flats, the label caught the attention of China’s trendsetters well before it officially entered the market in 2017. Wealthy Chinese travelers have been making mandatory stops at its appointment-only showroom in London (often without appointment) since the brand’s early days — a result of word of mouth and a strong presence on luxury e-commerce platforms like Farfetch and Shopbop.Founder and creative director Mary Alice Malone attributes that success to an aspiration toward being different. “Younger consumers are looking to newer brands rather than the traditional luxury conglomerates for designs that set them apart from the crowd,” she said. “I also feel that the rise of social media has played a really important role in opening up the space for the discovery of niche brands among the wider audience.”Today, the brand has a healthy business in China as well as Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, where it’s carried by both high-end department stores and multibrand boutiques. “Asia has always been a key market for us,” said Malone. “We have fantastic and very supportive retail partners who play a large part toward our continued growth within the region.”For Luisa Krogmann, co-founder of Berlin-based Aeyde, the demand from China — and increasingly the region at large — came as somewhat of a surprise.The brand, founded in 2015 by Krogmann and Constantin Langholz-Baikousis as a digital-first venture, was picked up early by a buyer at Pedder Group. “Our collection was tiny, with like 20 styles, compared to what it is today, with 120 SKUs,” Krogmann said. “We built the brand as a direct-to-consumer business with a distribution focus on Europe. Normally cheap yeezy kids , we approach new markets quite strategically, but for China, we did not. The success we encountered came fully unexpected.”Indeed, the brand is one of the most highly coveted among hip, sophisticated Chinese shoppers. “Our subtle branding is well-perceived by the Chinese customer,” Krongmann said. “I also believe our retail approach plays an important role — we are only working with carefully selected stores like Lane Crawford or Net-a-Porter.”Aside from high fashion, the recent popularity of the Uneek shoe by Portland, Ore.-based outdoor brand Keen is another testimony to the power of niche across China and Asia.In an interview with Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post, Joe Colistro, Keen’s head of business development in Asia-Pacific, said people in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong like the woven sneaker “because they are willing to wear quirky items and care about putting their outfit together.” Since its launch three years ago, 35 to 40 percent of Uneek sales have been in Asia.While today’s consumers are notoriously fickle, experts predict that this trend among Asian shoppers will last. “The era of opulence is over,” Krongmann said. “People spend their money for products that make them stand out from the masses. The customer doesn’t want what everybody has. It is a lot about individual dressing and styling, which opens lots of opportunities for new, interesting products in all categories.”Watch FN's interview with Hailey Baldwin about her street-style secrets.Want More?These Asian Shoe Brands Are Developing Big Followings in the WestWhy Reebok Made Its Runway Debut at Shanghai Fashion WeekAllbirds Is Heading to China With a New Store in Shanghai
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The Panthers linebackers performed as well as expected with one exception."The Panthers’ linebackers were the strength of the defense in 2018. It all starts with Pro Bowl middle linebacker Luke Kuechly who enjoyed another elite season , grading out as the second best linebacker in the game. Only the Seahawks’ Bobby Wagner graded out higher. From Pro Football Focus:On the strong side the ever reliable and resilient Thomas Davis had his best season since 2015. Weak side linebacker Shaq Thompson on the other hand didn’t have the break out season we were hoping for. In fact his snaps fell significantly as the season progressed until being put on injured reserve before the season finale. Luke Kuechly2018 stats: 16 starts, 130 combined tackles, two sacks, six passes defensed and two forced fumblesAs tempting as it would be to simply say “It’s Luke Kuechly and he is an elite player. ‘Nuff said” that would be a huge disservice to the Panthers team captain. Kuechly is not only elite but a model of consistency for the past five seasons.Kuechly will remain the centerpiece of the Panthers defense for as long as he wants to play this game. Thomas Davis2018 stats: 12 starts, 79 combined tackles, six passes defensedI am completely amazed at what Thomas Davis has accomplished in his thirteen year career in Carolina. Even more so when I consider he had his third ACL surgery in 2011 and yet still played at a high level in 2018. That’s seven seasons for those not counting. Hell, Davis has basically had two careers wrapped around a couple very severe knee injuries. I’m not here to argue for Davis’ return in 2019 but I will say his leadership will be missed. Davis is an inspiration to those around him and a guy who leads by example. He never shied away from owning up to his mistakes either. You know what I’m talking about. While his 2018 performance wasn’t on par with some previous seasons he was still considered a top 100 player at the start of the season.I think if anything was missing it was the big plays we were used to Davis making in the past.Shaq Thompson2018 stats: 11 starts, 79 combined tackles, 3.5 sacks , one pass defensed and one forced fumbleThompson was the guy we really expected to break out in 2018 but for some reason it didn’t happen. When I look at the PFF grades on the season in the top chart the one thing that stands out is Thompson’s poor pass coverage. With his speed I would have expected a better performance. It may be the scheme sure, but I’m positive the Panthers were looking for more as well. It is very disappointing to to see his performance decline like it has right when we thought he would take off. I’d really like some insight on this development for sure. David Mayo2018 stats: Three starts, 14 combined tackles, one pass defensedMayo was the first linebacker off the bench in 2018 but otherwise left little impression. He is no A.J. Klein, the former Kuechly back up who had to leave to get a starting gig. It wouldn’t surprise me if Mayo loses his spot to one of the rookie linebackers the Panthers drafted last season.Best case scenario for him is he returns as a back-up once again.Jermaine Carter & Andre SmithCarter played only 85 snaps in 2018 so we didn’t get much of a look at him. He seems to be leading his fellow rookie Andre Smith though, since Smith only got 11 snaps all season. It was a bit of a surprise to see both players make the roster in 2018 but that may not be the case in 2019. I expect to see more of Carter though, who could make his way to the second string with a strong offseason. The NFL Draft is all about guessing and prediction, and now that the season has ended we are going to start prognosticating the hell out of it. Part of doing that is analyzing the Carolina Panthers needs and seeing how they line up with general manager Marty Hurney’s draft history. Today we are going to look at the safety position, which is one of several needs the Panthers have in this draft.To assist in giving Hurney an overall grade for how he has done drafting this position over the years , I’ve come up with a simple point system that grades each selection on two criteria. For a full breakdown of how this works, refer back to this article, but here is a low level summary.Player Quality: Zero to six scale. Six points for a franchise cornerstone/hall of fame grade player, five for an excellent starter, four for a good starter, three for an average starter, two for quality depth/rotational player, one for depth, zero for a total non-contributing bust.Pick Importance: Negative two to one scale. Negative two for first round picks , negative one for second and third round picks, zero for fourth and fifth rounders, and one point for anything beyond that. The logic here is that in the first round you need to at least grab an average starter to get a positive score, while ideally you should be getting someone great. Meanwhile in the late rounds, most prospects never become anything of note, so you aren’t penalized for that.For scaling purposes, using this system Luke Kuechly and Kawann Short would both be a four, a guy like Tom Brady would be a super rare seven, and Captain Munnerlyn would be a three.Over the course of Marty Hurney’s career Greg Olsen Jersey , he has drafted someone classified as safety seven times. Here is the list:2003, Round 4 (119): Colin Branch, (2 + 0 = 2)2005, Round 5 (171): Ben Emanuel, (0 + 0 = 0)2006, Round 4 (121): Nate Salley, (1 + 0 = 1)2008, Round 3 (67): Charles Godfrey, (4 + -1 = 3)2009 Fozzy Whittaker Color Rush Jersey , Round 2 (59): Sherrod Martin, (3 + -1 = 2)2010, Round 6 (202): Jordan Pugh, (1 + 1 = 2)2012, Round 7 (216): D.J. Campbell, (0 + 1 = 1)Yikes. That is not a good list.Marty Hurney’s abyssmal history drafting a safety. He’s due for a win, right?Marty Hurney has only attained an average grade of 1.57 when drafting a safety, which is well below average. On the one hand, the team has never taken a leap on getting a true talent in the first round Rashaan Gaulden Jersey , but on the other, we haven’t found much value later in the draft either. Hopefully his luck will swing back around if he takes a safety this year, and they’ll become a solid contributor
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The Jacksonville Jaguars snapped their losing streak on Sunday with a 6-0 win over the Indianapolis Colts Josh Allen Jersey , also snapping the Colts winning streak. The Jaguars made a lot of changes on leading up to Sunday’s game, including firing offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and finally pulling the plug on quarterback Blake Bortles. Backup quarterback Cody Kessler got his first start as a Jaguar and while he didn’t really do anything special to win on Sunday, he did enough to give the defense a few breathers and put the team in scoring range to get just enough points.“It wasn’t pretty but man it feels good. It’s something as a quarterback and as a kid you dream of winning an NFL game,” Kessler said on Sunday after the game. “There’s no doubt about it that I have to do better though, and push the ball downfield a little bit more and take some of those shots. When your defense is playing so well you don’t want to force things and make stupid turnovers to put them in a bad spot. It’s something for me that I took pride in there and in the second half was like, ‘alright things aren’t going great on offense, we’re not getting those shots down the field.’ But with how well our defense is playing let’s just be smart and take care of the ball and really drain this clock.”Kessler finished the day completing 18 of 24 passes for 150 yards, no touchdowns, no interceptions and was sacked three times. Kessler essentially did what he was asked, which was to complete a lot of short easy throws, hit some screens and take a few shots down the field when the opportunity presented itself.Honestly, the most impressive play Kessler probably made on the day was recovering his own fumble late in the game.“That was big. That was a little panic moment right there. He was on top of me and he was pulling me back and I just had to fight and get it,” Kessler said about recovering the fumble. “But I mean it fortunately went our way. I think we won the turnover battle today, I don’t know. As a unit that’s awesome, especially when the defense is playing so great. The talent on defense is unbelievable here Jaelen Strong Jersey , and offense too. I know everyone doesn’t give them enough credit but these guys have stepped up, and guys that haven’t been here long and guys just sticking together. It feels good.”At one point in the game the only opening season starter on the offensive line for the Jaguars was AJ Cann and without Leonard Fournette, it was clear that the Jaguars plan was to burn clock with short quick passes as a pseudo running game. Kessler was able to execute that and truthfully, outside of his ability to complete those passes with consistency, the Jaguars offense didn’t look all that different it has looked, which should tell you quite a bit of about the Jaguars quarterback position. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ season may have just ended, but it’s never too early for a little reflection. At least not for players and national pundits, who when asked to think about the season — the highs, the lows, and most importantly the turning point — they all have their answers.Calais Campbell, the team’s de facto public relations spokesman in the locker room, gave a very public relations answer. The turning point, in his mind, was the win over the New England Patriots.FanPulse is a survey that tracks how confident fans are in the direction of the Jaguars franchise“We made that game too important,” Campbell told The Athletic’s Daniel Popper. “At the end of the day , it’s a week in and week out grind. Consistency is the name of the game. And that was a huge win. We played great. But in this game, you have to do it consistently, in every facet of the game, from year to year, from week to week, from day to day, in the meeting room, on the field, in practice and in the game. You have to do it week to week, and we weren’t consistent this year at all.”Tashaun Gipson gave a similar response.“Right after that New England game, I think we hit the peak of our (season) — the excitement, the thrill, the drive, the sure-fire, man. We put all our eggs in that basket Donte Moncrief Color Rush Jersey , if you will. That was last that this team played with that type of fire, and it showed.”Yahoo Sports thinks it was when Blake Bortles threw five interceptions on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs.And on, and on, and on...But I don’t buy either of those. No disrespect to Campbell and Gipson, but those are bad answers. Your turning point was winning a game you put a lot of stock into? Stop it.And the Chiefs game, while demoralizing for Blake, may have been the quarterback’s undoing. But this team deflated earlier in the season than that.Week 3. September 23rd. Tennessee Titans at home. 6:40 left in the first quarter.The score was 0-0 on the Titans’ second possession and you knew the game was going to be one of those “first to seven points wins” afternoons. Calais Campbell and Malik Jackson combined for a hit on Blaine Gabbert that knocked him out of the game. It was a dumb penalty, but it was still called and a Dante Fowler fumble recovery was wiped out. Marcus Mariota came into the game.That was the turning point. That was the game where this defense learned it couldn’t stop mobile quarterbacks — and when they saw the offense wouldn’t be able to carry what little of the team they did last season.With his throwing hand suffering nerve damage, he still helped the Titans run for 150 yards and eat up nearly 33 minutes in time of possession. And they only scored nine points!And the offense, with their quarterback exposed as a one-trick pony, was immediately seen for the fraud he was. If you took away the easy crossers and the yards after the catch, the points were not going to come. This defense could hold opposing offenses to nine points — nine points — and they lost.On September 23rd, the defense learned they would need to shoulder more of the team than they could. And the offense learned they went from bad last year to worse this year.What do you think the turning point of the Jaguars’ season was? Let us know in the comments below!
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Cowboys reached out to Nick Saban , others before making Amari Cooper trade - Adam Schefter, ESPNSchefter reported on Sunday morning that the Cowboys inquired about Amari Cooper with Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban, among others, before making the deal.Raiders beat writer dishes on new Cowboys WR Amari Cooper, why Ezekiel Elliott can ‘do wonders’ for him - Jori Epstein, SportsDayEpstein sat down with Raiders beat writer Matt Schneidman to find out more about the newest Cowboys receiver.Ex-NFL scout: Amari Cooper capable of making a difference for Cowboys in division that’s up for grabs - SportsDayThe Mothership’s Bryan Broaddus gives his take on Cooper:Will McClay Breaks Down Cowboys Vision for New WR Amari Cooper - Sean Martin, Inside The StarWill McClay joined Jason Garrett’s show to discuss the team’s vision for Amari Cooper. Definitely worth the watch:Consistent targets important for Amari Cooper, the Cowboys must feed him - Dave Halprin , BTBDave notes that the trade for Cooper is cool and all, but it won’t matter if he doesn’t get the necessary targets.Dallas Cowboys WRs: Scrap the committee, anoint the trinity - Reid Hanson, SportDFWHanson writes that the Cowboys need to focus on its top-3 wide receivers for the remainder of the season.3 prospects the Cowboys could target in Round 2 of the 2019 NFL draft, including a replacement for Jason Witten - John Owning, SportsDay’No, the Cowboys do not have a first-round pick at the moment, but Owning gives three early prospects that are worth keeping an eye on for the second night of the draft.Dallas Cowboys: 7-Round Mock Draft Dallas Cowboys Customized Jerseys , post-Amari Cooper trade - Randy Gurzi, NFL Spin ZoneGurzi gives a different tight end to be on the lookout for in round two. Cowboys phones are ringing with trade talk."WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Dallas Cowboys NewsDallas Cowboys GeneralTeams are calling the Cowboys to talk trades involving safety and offensive linemen New,298commentsCowboys phones are ringing with trade talk.CDTShareTweetShareShareTeams are calling the Cowboys to talk trades involving safety and offensive linemen Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY SportsEnough time has passed since the 2019 NFL Draft for teams to evaluate their new overall rosters, and those of the rest of the league, too.It doesn’t take a genius to see that the Dallas Cowboys suddenly have even more talented offensive linemen that they did and that they are still in need of a safety. Apparently teams are not just aware of this but are acting on it, according to Stephen Jones the Cowboys have received phone calls inquiring about trade opportunities.There were many that thought Dallas might take a safety with their first pick in the draft, but Trysten Hill’s availability altered those plans. Prospects like Juan Thornhill and Taylor Rapp were still on the board but Dallas likes what they have. To their credit, kind of Dallas Cowboys T-Shirts , they did bring in George Iloka this offseason, but they’ve always stayed true to the notion that Jeff Heath is going to be enough for them.Dallas Cowboys Safeties:Kavon FrazierJeff HeathGeorge IlokaJameill ShowersDarian ThompsonDonovan WilsonXavier WoodsTo be fair, the Cowboys have someone in Kris Richard that helps mitigate their lack of superstar at the safety position. While that’s frustrating it’s worth something, although many point to that position as to part of why the Cowboys were ousted in Los Angeles during the playoffs.One name that has emerged as a potential trade option (really through Twitter and from fans) has been Karl Joseph of the Oakland Raiders. Dallas hasn’t been shy when it comes to trading with Oakland, there are numerous examples, but Stephen Jones is firm in that they are looking for the perfect fit at safety.Apparently teams are interested in the Cowboys offensive linemen From the moment that the Cowboys drafted Connor McGovern, people have been trying to move La’el Collins for something that makes sense. There’s logic to this of course as he could leave in free agency next offseason, thankfully the Cowboys have a contingency plan in place should that be what ultimately happens.Collins is certainly a valuable asset for the Cowboys to consider moving. Should they in fact flip him they can get an earlier start on what seems like the future - the Connor plan (Williams at right tackle , McGovern at left guard). For what it’s worth Stephen Jones did mention La’el’s name as far as guys he wants to lock up long-term, too.This is a precarious roll of the dice here and now as the latter is currently a rookie, last time that was the plan at left guard didn’t exactly go incredibly well.We’ve seen the Cowboys get a little more active in trades over the last year, perhaps this is something that they’re willing to do. For now it seems like Stephen Jones wants to take his time, analyze his options, and act when he’s good and ready.That’s the Stephen Jones way.
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